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Auckland Wedding Videographer

A wedding film transports you back into the action, the noise, the emotion.

It lets you re-experience the feeling of your day, even moments you weren’t able to appreciate at the time. Film allows us to rewatch an experience in a way that photography simply can’t.

It’s one thing to look back on a beautiful photo of Nanna laughing at the wedding – it’s another entirely to watch the hilarity unfold and laugh along with her. Loved ones who were unable to join you to celebrate will feel like they were there. And those who come along after the big day will get to see one of your most precious days decades from now.

I don’t want to make you a wedding video.

I want to create you a beautiful, modern, cinematic love story – a true reflection of your day, weaving together the most genuine, heartfelt moments of one of the most important days of your life.

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Some of my recent films

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Kind Words

Wedding videography is all about your connection with the person behind the camera.

So finding someone who is the right fit and is going to make you feel comfortable and amazing is key! I’d love to hear from you and see if I’m that person.

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